About Bell’O Digital

Bell'O Digital is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics products including stereo headphones, audio/video cables, TV wall mounts, surge protectors, electronics cleaning products, and much more. Bell'O Digital is a division of Bell'O International Corp, an award-winning manufacturer of A/V furniture and consumer electronic accessories for over 25 years. Bell'O products are sold in leading retailers throughout the United States and worldwide. Continuing in this tradition, Bell'O Digital designs and manufactures award-winning, premium quality accessories with an unparalleled commitment to details, aesthetics, and performance. From the soft, supple and lightweight ear cups of our stereo headphones, to the high speed reliability of our HDMI cables, to the high capacity security of our power surge protectors, our engineers take exceptional pride in developing products with the consumer in mind.

Bell'O Digital products extend well beyond looks and performance, bringing you exceptional value as well. Compare the features and prices of Bell'O Digital audio/video accessories to any other brand, and we believe we'll not only exceed your expectations, but deliver a new standard in electronic accessories excellence.

Bell'O Digital headphones are engineered using only the highest quality and lightest weight materials and tout features like tangle-free cords, slim design 24K Gold plugs, thin profile protective cases, in-line volume control, audio track control, and a microphone for cell phone use. Engineered to maximize sound and comfort while minimizing weight, Bell'O Digital earbuds set a new standard of excellence in sound, quality and value.

We designed and engineered our Bell'O Digital HDMI cables to exceed the needs of today's finest A/V equipment. The transmission speeds of our cables can effortlessly handle today's high resolution technology, with room to spare for future expandability.

Attention to detail is what sets our TV wall mounts apart from others on the market today. Patented designs that make cables easier to access, built-in allen key holders to make adjustments quick and easy, decorative covers to keep your room looking great, simple and reliable locking mechanisms, and durable and attractive paint finishes are just some of the features that Bell'O Digital wall mounts offer.

Our surge protectors combine extraordinary protection with a sleek, modern appearance. They offer a number of features including advanced EMI/RF noise filtration, fireproof MOV, lighted grounded and protected indicators, power safety shutdown and energy saving green power protection. Maximum Joule protection ratings, multiple component connection outlets and a connected equipment warranty ensure complete protection for all electronic devices.